Mothers Day 2019


The Custodians of Our Home

12 May 2019

 Mother’s Day Tasting   59pp

Transport to Kashmir this Mother’s Day at Waazwaan. Based in Crows Nest, Waazwaan embodies food rituals that create memories of family, celebration, feast, laughter, and a coming together to show love and respect to the former custodians of this cuisine.

Show your gratitude to the custodian of your home by treating your mother this May. A must not miss is the semolina and dried fruit pudding and the classical Kashmiri rogan josh. With the full menu below, experience a cuisine unheard of in the land down under with your mother, family and friends.

“To live optimally, observe the cycles of nature and utilise your practices so they align with them”

Inderpreet Singh – 3rd Generation Chef

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Lamb Rogan Josh
Lamb Cutlets
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Mothers Day 2019

 Mother’s Day Tasting   59pp


Papad and condiments

Rice wafers and mix of dips

SHURUAAT (Starters)

Dry Fruit Chaat
Shortbread pastry layered with Kashmiri sauces, cashews, sultanas and walnuts

Nadur Kebab
Lotus stems pan fried with ginger powder, fennel and cornflour

Tabakh Maaz
Lamb ribs simmered in Kashmiri spices and pan fried in ghee and mustard

Gaad Nadur
Kingfish fillet marinated overnight and cooked in lotus root and radish


Kashmiri Pandit Rogan Josh
Diced lamb pieces cooked in homemade red chilli paste, fennel & ginger

Choek Vangan
Eggplant cooked in Kashmiri tamarind pulp and aniseed powder

~Served with Kashmiri Naan~

Palak Tschaman
Kashmiri spinach served with tomatoes stuffed with homemade cottage cheese

Lamb minced with a mallet and simmered in Kashmiri spices served in mustard, ghee, mint and Kashmiri spices

~Served with Kashmiri Pilau~


Tobruk Halwe Porath
Semolina & dry fruit pudding